Art   -  Denise Pollack
Crazy is only the thing, the judging one didn't thought of yet

About me

Art is my everything - I breathe art.

I like it colorful with a mixture of realism, surrealism and abstrakt art. Bees are one of the main motives I paint a lot and they occure in almost every painting. I started art at a very young age and totally fell for it. My beginnings were in watercolor painting. As I evolved I added Acrylic, oils and every other medium to my mixed media style. I do enjoy trying different styles and mixed media as well as sculptures, half sculptures and collages. I also add a lot of calligraphic elements especially in kurrent script. For me the creative idea behind the art is the most important part, so my painting often tends to use a wild brush pattern and impasto instead of fine details. I enjoy making art with my fellow art-buddies from the artist collective "Station Kreation". Art is my life essence  - without it I would get crazy. 

I am a lot into bees, wasps, wild bees, bumblebees and other critters. My whole garden is a nature paradise for insects and other animals and I use a lot of my time to care about nature. I plant a lot of wild flower, sunflowers and herbs there. I am a beekeeper of two hives - That's also my inspiration for most of my artworks. My art should bring people the same joy I have in nature. My goal is to inspire to save the nature and the bees and to lead more eyes on that topic.

Member of the art collective "Station Kreation" 

Denise Pollack (Photograph Tiefdunkelblau)

Even as a small girl my grandma taught me the art of watercolor. She ignited my big love for everything art. Since that time I feel the Need to create and I crave for everything art. I started self-taught and decided to get art education additionally.

born 1990

1996-2000 Grundschule Altstadt

2000-2008 Gymnasium Dingolfing (high school) with physics and art as main subject

2009-2012 studying Bachelor of Engineering Mechatronics at Mannheim (Bachelor of Engineering

2019- now    Art Academy: Evolve Artist Program (teacher: Kevin Murphey, online art program belonging to the "Hillsborough Art Academy" in New Jersey USA (, realistic art training in charocal and oils)

2012-now work at Daimler Trucks as Testing Engineer

2018 Brooklyn Art Library "The sketchbook project" vol.14, "Bees around the world"

2019 Brooklyn Art Library "The sketchbook project" vol.15 "Painting with fruits, Flowers and Food" 

2019 Brooklyn Art Library "The tiny sketchbook project" vol.2 "kurrent script lexicon"

2019 exhibition at Brooklyn art library infinite sketch "creature"

2020-january foundation of the art-collective "Station Kreation" with Melanie König and Jonathan Seidman

2020-05-16 exhibition "kunstgARTen" with art collective "Station Kreation"

2020-05 release of my first book "Die drei Waldgeister"

2020 Brooklyn Art Library "The sketchbook project" vol.16 "Long hair story short - a real life Rapunzel story"

2020-06-06 exhibition "Artwalk Stuttgart" - cancelled 

2020-06-27 exhibition "kunstgARTen" with art collective "Station Kreation"

2020-09-05 - 12 Art Yoyo in Stuttgart - canceled

2020-09-26 Artwalk Stuttgart

2020-10       permanent exhibition "five senses" in Alameda, California (USA, close to San Francisco) organised  Erin Patrige,

2020-11 exhibition at Brooklyn art library infinite sketch "sea"

2021-05-17 - 05-23 exhibition in Herxheimer "Erdbeerwoche"

2021 Brooklyn Art Library "The sketchbook project" vol.17